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English Language Arts
    Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)
    Avi (1937- )
          Avi's website
    Graeme Base (1958- )
    Judy Blume (1938- )
          Judy's website
    Meg Cabot (1967- )
          Meg's website
    Truman Capote (1924-184)
          Brief biography
          Author profile
    Eric Carle (1929- )
          Eric's website
    Sandra Cisneros (1954- )
    Beverly Cleary (1916- )
    Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
          The Dickens' Story
          Chronology of Dickens' life
    Mary Hoffman (1945- )
    Erin Hunter (Cherith Baldry & Kate Cary)
    Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960)
          Zora's website
    Brian Jacques (1939-2011)
          Redwall Abbey
    Lois Lowry (1937- )
          Lois' website
    Katherine Paterson (1932- )
          Bridge to Terabithia
    Beatrix Potter (1866-1943)
          The World of Peter Rabbit
    J.K. Rowling (1966- )
          Harry Potter website
    Willliam Shakespeare (1564-1616)
          Complete works of Shakespeare
          Comprehensive Guide to Shakespeare
    Shel Silverstein (1932- )
          Shel's website
    Lemony Snickett (1970- )
          A Series of Unfortunate Events website
    John Steinbeck (1902-1968)
          Author profile
    R.L.Stine (1943- )
          Ghoulish treats from R.L. Stine
          Goosebumps website
    E.B. White (1899-1985)
          Charlotte's Web
    Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957)
          DeSmet, South Dakota
          Little House website
  English as a Second Language
          Website for Spanish-speaking parents and educators of ELLs
          Purdue Univeristy's ESL resources
          Dave's ESL Cafe
  Listening and Speaking
    Oral Presentations
          English for Professional Communication
          Read along online with a Swahili folktale
    Learning to Read
          Early literacy website
          Kids' Book Club
          List of Literary Awards
          Choose your own adventure stories about pirates
          Spaghetti Book Club
          100 favorite children's books from the New York Public Library
          100 picture books everyone should know from the NYPL
          New & classic books for teens
          Academy of American Poets
          Limerick Factory
          Merriam-Webster's Word Central
          Learning vocabulary can be fun
          Create your own comic strip
          Getting started with writing & general concerns
          HarperCollins author spotlight
          Childrens' poetry playground
          Scholastic's poetry idea engine
          Giggle Poetry
  Written and Oral English Language Conventions
          Grammar Gorillas
          Purdue Univeristy's online writing lab
          Yahoo! - grammar, usage & style
          Test your skills with this fun quiz!
    Parts of Speech
          The Elements of Style
          Wacky Web Tales
          Commonly misspelled words
          Spelling games grades 1-6
  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division
          Addition concentration
          Interactive multiplication games

          Algebra basics

  Famous Mathematicians
          Sir Isaac Newton
          Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss

  Fractions, Decimals & Percents
          Place value puzzler
          Fraction concentration
          Launch fireworks with fraction man

          Cosmic geometry
          Shapes, patterns and symmetry
          Anmalous motion illusions
          Fractals in nature

  Logic & Critical Thinking
          Discovery School's brain boosters
          Math stumpers
          Puzzling and mental activities
          The art of problem solving
          Daily SuDoku puzzle

          Animal weigh-in
          Calendars through the ages

          Introduction & games

  Miscellaneous Math
          Library of interactive math tools
          Interactive math games from PBS
          Fact Monster math
Physical & Health Education
  Health Education
    Health Services
          Kid friendly medical dictionary from PBS
          Health information for girls
          Living with epilepsy
          U.S. Centers for Disease Control's Body & Mind website for kids
          Eating disorders from PBS Kids
          Index of rare diseases
          A portrait of Alzheimer's
          Understanding the ingredients used in personal care products
          Dynamic adventure into the dairy industry
          Powerful girls have powerful bones
          Explore eating and exercising adventures
          Creating a world where bullying is unacceptable
          Injury prevention for kids
          Bicycle helmet safety
          Preparing for disasters
    Substance Abuse Prevention
          How Meth destroys the body
          Binge drinking
          Club drugs
          Tobacco information & prevention
          The truth about smoking
    Urban Legends
       Urban legends, fact and fiction

  Physical Education
       Fitness & Exercise
          Get active and stay active
          Girls and sports from the Women's Sports Foundation
       Motor Learning
    Personal Development
          Making and managing money
          Aspiring architects & Frank Lloyd Wright
       Human Growth & Devlopment
          Discussing depression
          Dealing with death
    Social Development
       Historical Perspectives
          All about friends
          Social entrepreneurship
          Marketing, advertising, and America
    Electronic Games
          Evolution of Mario from NFG Games
          The history of Mario from Gamecubicle
          Brief history of Mario from The Mushroom Kingdom

       Equestrian Vaulting
          American Vaulting Association
          Golf for kids
          USA Gymnastics
          Running for kids
          USA Swimming
          Solo sports: a team of one
          International Olympic Committee
          Special Olympics
          Univ. of Pennsylvania's history of the Olympic Games
          1936 Olympic Games
          National Baseball Hall of Fame
          Major League Baseball
          Exploratorium's science of baseball
          Baseball cards 1887-1914
          Beyond Baseball: The Life of Roberto Clemente
          National Basketball Association
          Website dedicated to Michael Jordan
          Tips & techniques, mascots, camp pics and more
          National Football League
          National College Athletic Association Football
          Canadian Football League
          Australian Football League
          Canadian website for hockey maniacs
          United States Soccer Federation
          English Football Association
          Canadian Soccer Association
          Catalog of soccer patches
          History of Football
    Miscellaneous Sports
       Beyond the Big Four
          Team sports other than baseball, soccer, basketball & football
          Fact Monster sports
       Women's Sports
          100 Greatest Female Athletes from Sports Illustrated for Women
    American Sign Language
          American Sign Language dictionary
          Tennessee Bob's famous French links
          Spanish learning site

  Homework Help
          National Geographic Kids
          Discovery School's homework help & more
          Scholastic for kids homework hub

  Miscellaneous Reference
          Fact Monster from Information Please
          Current time in any city or holiday calendar for any country

  Search Engines & Portals
          Good Sites for Kids
          KidsClick! web search for kids by librarians
          Yahoo! Kids
Science & Technology
  Earth & Space Science
       Asteroids, Meteors & Comets
          Total eclipse of the sun; journal & video
          Windows to the Universe
          NASA's Space Place
          NASA's Observatorium public access site for Earth and space data
       Origins of the Universe
          NOVA takes a journey back to the beginning of everything
          Planet facts
          Exploratorium: Cassini Mission to Saturn & Titan
       Space Exploration
          PBS: Race to the Moon
          NASA's Return to Flight website
          NASA's Astro-Venture
          Visit the space station
          The Hubble Telescope
          The Quest for Life
       Stars & Galaxies
          Match constellations to mythical figures
          Closest stars to earth
          Constellations and their stars
          Alphabetical listing of stars
       The Sun
       The Moon
          Phases of the moon
          Life along the faultline from San Francisco's Exploratorium
          Create your own earthquake from Discovery School
       Rock Cycle
          Diagram of the rock cycle
          Mineralogy for kids; Mineralogical Society of America
          Pompeii Volcano
          Earth Science Explorations
          2004 Indian Ocean tsunami
          Earth climate extremes
          Global climate change exploration from San Francisco's Exploratorium
          Hurricane observations
          Inside a tornado
          NOVA Hunt for the supertwister
  Life Science
    Animal Kingdom
       Insects & Spiders
          Common household pests
          Desert tarantula
          Interactive virtual cockroach
          PBS Nature video clips
          Animal Planet's Guide to Mammals
          Cheetahs in a Hot Spot
          Yahoo! Kids Animals
          Fun facts from Seaworld
          Animal Planet's A to Zoo
          National Geographic's animal index
          San Diego Zoo
          Are animals intelligent?
          Animal Planet's Dog Guide
          American Kennel Club for Kids
          Animal Planet's Cat Health Center
          Animal Planet's Bird Guide
          USEF recognized national horse breed affiliates
          Animal sounds library from Seaworld
          Bird Songs
          California - a global biodiversity hotspot
          The California Academy of Sciences presents A Thousand Cranes
          Exploring Ecosystems
          Food web game
          Welcome to the coral reef
          Grasslands & tropical forests
          Seaworld's virtual aquarium
          Smithsonian's marine ecosystems
          Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry Farm Exhibit
       Earth Day, Everyday
          Images of life on Earth
          Earth Day Canada
       Natural Resources
          Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry Coal Mine Exhibit
       Genetic Engineering & Cloning
          Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry Genetics Exhibit
          DNA Interactive
    Human Anatomy
       The Human Body
          Interactive human body games
          Explore inside the human body
          Map of the human heart
          Original, entertaining, interactive biology learning activities
          Your gross & cool body from Discovery Kids
          Explore your body from Kids Health
          Neuroscience for Kids
          The Exploratorium's online visual illusions
    Plant Kingdom
          NOVA Online: Illuminating photosynthesis
          A song about photosynthesis
    Prehistoric Life
          Dino Dictionary
  Physical Science
          Clickable table of the elements with photos
          Brief history of the elements: Los Alamos Lab
          Chemistry for kids
          Extra special periodic table from David
          Open directory chemistry links
          Interactive particle action
       Electricity & Magnetism
       Energy, Motion & Work
          Energy Information Administration Kid's Page
       Fluid Dynamics
          Animated demonstration of Bernoulli's Principle
          Comparison weights on different planets
       Heat & Temperature
          Light and optics presentations
          Solar spectrum
       Miscellaneous Physics
          Index of animated physics demonstrations
          Exploratorium's interactive website honoring Einstein's theory of relativity
          Exploring the Nanoworld
  Miscellaneous Science & Technology
       Online science games from Engaging Science
       Fact Monster science
       Harcout Brace Science video clips
Social Studies & Geography
  World History
    Ancient Civilizations
          The British Museum: Ancient Egypt
          National Geographic: Secrets of Egypt
          You Wouldn't Want To Be An Egyptian Mummy!
          NOVA Online: Pyramids - The Inside Story
          NOVA Online: Secrets of Lost Empires - Pharaoh's Obelisk
          The Field Museum of Natural History: Cleopatra of Egypt
          Multimedia Guide to Art of the Ancient World from the Art Institute of Chicago
          BBC Schools: Ancient Greece
          Univ. of Pennsylvania Museum: The Ancient Greek World
          Multimedia Guide to Art of the Ancient World from the Art Institute of Chicago
          Ancient Indus Valley Civilization
          Kamat's Potpourri: Timeline of India
          Temples of India
          PBS: Wonders of the African World
          Nubia Museum
          The British Museum: Mesopotamia
          The British Museum: Ziggurats
          Wikipedia: Mesopotamia
          Artwork on display at the University of Chicago
          BBC Schools: Romans
          PBS: The Roman Empire in the First Century
          NOVA Online: Roman baths
          Multimedia Guide to Art of the Ancient World from the Art Institute of Chicago
          Forum Romanum
          Julius Ceasar crosses the Rubicon, 49 BC
          Roman numerals chart

     Medieval & Early Modern
          Smithsonian exhibit, African Voices
          American Museum: Congo Expedition 1909-1915
          U.S. Department of State information on African countries
          PBS: Day of the Zulu
          Library of Congress country study
          The National Museum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
          PBS: Lawrence of Arabia
          Kids Konnect China
          NOVA Online: Ancient Chinese Mummies
          The Renaissance Connection
          More on the Renaissance
          The Crusades
          The Middle Ages
          The six wives of Henry VIII
          Commodore Perry & the opening of Japan (1853-1854)
          Virtual tour of Edo, Japan
          Mesoamerica and its cultures
          Ancient Mexico
          Mayan calendar
          Virtual tour through Tikal
          Interactive journey through Mayan civilization

     Modern & Contemporary
          Japan Information Network for Kids
          The Victorian Era
          Napoleon and the French Revolution
  United States History General
    Civil War & Reconstruction
       Abraham Lincoln
          Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum
          PBS: The Time of the Lincolns
       Civil War
          An index of the American Civil War from Dakota State University
          Library of Congress Civil War photographs
          Timeline of the Civil War
          Gettysburg National Military Park for kids
          Timeline and battle listing
          Civil War battle summaries organized by state
          PBS: Reconstruction: The Second Civil War
       Slavery & Emancipation
          Library of Congress, African American Odyssey
          PBS: Jubilee Singers
          Emancipation Proclamation
    Early Exploration, Colonial America & War for Independence
       European Exploration
          University of Calgary: 15th & 16th centuries
          Conquistadors explore the Americas
          Christopher Columbus' voyages
          Explorations of Francisco Vázquez de Coronado
          Francisco Pizzaro
          Vasco Núñez de Balboa
          Hernando Cortez
          Ferdinand Magellan
          Ponce de Leon
          Sir Francis Drake
          John Cabot
          Robert Cavelier de la Salle
          Jacques Cartier
          Pilgrim Hall Museum
          Plimoth plantation
          Pilgrim Memorial State Park
       Colonial America
          Colonial Williamsburg
          Jamestown online adventure
          Virtual Jamestown
          Jamestown settlement
          A colonial family and their community
          History of New England
       War for Independence
          PBS: Liberty! The American Revolution
          Loyalty or Liberty?
          Valley Forge National Historic Park
          Historic documents of the stamp act, tea act, etc.
          Declaration of Independence
       Benjamin Franklin
          PBS: The Life of Benjamin Franklin
       Constitution & Early Republic
          Continental Congress
          National Constitution Center
          Bill of Rights
          US Printing Office guide to government
          History of the Federal Reserve Bank
          Presidential biographies from Fact Monster
          Presidential biographies & their speeches & writings
          The White House Historical Association
          PBS' American Experience biography of Ronald Reagan
    Industrial America
          Inventors & Inventions
          Exploring the process of invention with the National Museum of American History
          PBS' Vietnam: A Television History
       World War II
          PBS' Victory in the Pacific
          WASP - the American women pilots
          Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry U-505 Submarine Exhibit
    Native Americans
       Eastern Shores
          Accohannock living history village
          An exploration of totem poles
          Lakota winter counts from the Smithsonian
          Biographies on notable American Indians from Fact Monster
          Myths, Legends & Stories
          The Price of Freedom: Americans at War
  United States History by State
       Economic Growth
          A Brief History of the California Economyoranges_small.gif
          300 yrs. of history - CA Historical Society
          Spanish colonial frontier - CA Historical Society
          Father Jerome Tupa, contemporary artist paints the missions
          Map & brief history of the missions
          Photo tour of each mission
          PBS biography of Father Junipero Serra
       Gold Rush
          The Discovery of Gold in California
          Untold stories - Oakland Museum of California
          The Donner Party
          Conflict over statehood - CA Historical Society
          Iron Horse vs. Octopus - CA Historical Society
          Miami Beach walking tour
          KC to Kanorado; An uncommon view from I-70
          History of Louisiana
          The life and history of Nebraska from pre-1500 to present
    North Carolina
          Explore Coastal North Carolina
          Texas Ranch House; Texas pioneering in 1867
          Remember the Alamo
          US State facts, maps & state symbols
          More facts & symbols
          States web games
          State nature resources
  Miscellaneous Social Sciences
    American Legends
       Ansel Adams
       Nellie Bly
       John Brown
       Jackie Cochran
       Joe DiMaggio
       James Eads
       George Eastman
       Thomas Edison
       Stephen Foster
       Emma Goldman
       Jesse James
       The Kennedys
       Dr. Martin Luther King
       Queen Lili'uokalani
       Charles Lindbergh
       General Douglas MacArthur
       Annie Oakley
       Eleanor Roosevelt
       Wright Brothers
    American Symbols
       U.S. Printing Office guide to American symbols
       Statue of Liberty
       Protecting the bald eagle from National Parks Cons. Assoc.
       Facts about the bald eagle from Florida Power & Light
       Some facts about our flag
       Fort McHenry & the national anthem
       Reference guide of American icons
    St. Augustine
       Aurelius Augustinus
       Chronology of his life
       How banks work
       FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) for Kids
       U.S. Census Bureau Kids' Corner
       Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives
       Congress for Kids
       Code of Hammurabi
       King Hammurabi
       Hannibal, Carthaginian general
    History Detectives
       Do It Yourself - A How-to Guide
       Holidays celebrated in the U.S.
       PBS History of the 4th of July
       Scholastic celebrates the First Thanksgiving
       National Geographic's online world atlas
       Library of Congress map collection and analysis
    PBS American Experience
       U.S. history for kids
    Online Exhibits & Resources
       Digital History
       Fact Monster U.S. history & news
       Fact Monster world history & news
       Harcout Brace Social Studies video clips
    Women throughout History
       Eleanor Roosevelt
    World Events
       CIA World Factbook
Visual & Performing Arts
          Building BIG; bridges, domes, skyscrapers, etc.
          Tall Buildings
          American Ballet Theatre, America's National Ballet Company
          Dictionary of ballet terms
          Regional dances of Mexico
          Fun & educational website for kids who love dance
          Dance website for teens
  Drama & Theater
          New York Theatre for kids
          Kids' night on Broadway
          Watch trailers
          Yahoo! movies
       Fantasy Genre
          The Lord of the Rings historical connections
          Internet movie database
          Making movies with Pixar
  Fine Art
       Calder, Alexander (1898-1976)
          Calder foundation
       Cézanne, Paul (1839-1906)
          Webmuseum, Paris
          Catalog of paintings
       Degas, Edgar (1834-1917)
          Webmuseum, Paris
          Painting and Drawing
       Gauguin, Paul (1848-1903)
          Webmuseum, Paris
          Catalog of paintings
       Gogh, Vincent van (1853-1890)
          Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
          Webmuseum, Paris
          Catalog of paintings
       Homer, Winslow (1836-1910)
          Winslow Homer in the National Gallery of Art
       Kahlo, Frida
          Life & times of Frida Kahlo
       Kandinsky, Wassily (1866-1944)
          Webmuseum, Paris
       Klee, Paul (1879-1940)
          Webmuseum, Paris
       Klimt, Gustav (1862-1918)
          Webmuseum, Paris
          Catalog of paintings
       Matisse, Henri (1869-1954)
          Webmuseum, Paris
          Life and Painting
       Modigliani, Amedeo (1884-1920)
          Webmuseum, Paris
       Mondrian, Piet (1872-1944)
          Webmuseum, Paris
       Monet, Claude (1840-1926)
          Webmuseum, Paris
          Catalog of paintings
       O'Keeffe, Georgia (1887-1986)
          Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
       Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)
          Webmuseum, Paris
       Pollock, Jackson (1912-1956)
          National Gallery of Art
          Webmuseum, Paris
          The American Museum of Beat Art
       Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919)
          Webmuseum, Paris
          Catalog of paintings
       Rivera, Diego (1886-1957)
          Diego Rivera web musuem
       Westermann, H.C. (1922-1981)
          H.C. Westermann teacher curriculum
    Art History
          Timeline of Chinese art
          National Palace Museum, Taiwan
          Learn to draw with online art lessons
    Earth Art
          Spiral Jetty
          The Lightning Field
          The art of Robert Smithson
    Elements & Principles
          Explore the tools artists use
    Museums & Exhibits
          Cycles: African Life through Art
          PBS Series art:21 art in the twenty-first century
          Destination Modern Art from New York's MoMA
          The Museum of Bad Art
    Oustider Art
          Explore the Outsider Art of the U.S. with Rare Visions & Roadside Revelations
          New York Philharmonic Kidzone
          Compose & play music online
          Science of Music from the Exploratorium
          Ansel Adams
          Dorothea Lange
          Adobe Digital Kids Club
          Photography projects for kids
          The Magic of Trick Photography
          National Geographic photography guide
          The story of George Eastman
          The American Museum of Photography
          Candian Museum of Contemporary Photography
          Museum of Photographic Arts
Rogers Middle School
  Middle Ages Project
 religion in the Middle Ages
          Virtual tour & history of cathedrals
          Romanesque architecture
    Stained Glass Windows
 religion in the Middle Ages
          History of stained glass
          More history
          Castles of Britain
          Thoughts on castles
          British castles
          Medieval castles of France
          Life in a castle
    Knights, Noblemen & Ladies
 feudal system in the Middle Ages
 town life in the Middle Ages
 homes in the Middle Ages
 clothing in the Middle Ages
          Facts about knights
    Serfs & Freemen
 feudal system in the Middle Ages
 town life in the Middle Ages
 homes in the Middle Ages
 clothing in the Middle Ages
    Bayeux Tapestry
          Reading Museum of Berkshire, UK
          Connection to the Battle of Hastings
    Magna Carta
          American legacy of the Magna Carta
          An English translation
          British Library original copy
 arts & entertainment in the Middle Ages
          Food & drink in the middle ages
          Le Viandier de Taillevent - 14th Century French Cookery
          Medieval board games
    Herbs & Medicinal Plants
 health & hygiene in the Middle Ages
          Use of scents in the Middle Ages
 religion in the Middle Ages
          Monks of Britain
          Archbishops of Canterbury from AD 597
    Famous Persons
          Battle of Hastings 1066; Harold II of England vs. Duke William of Normandy
          Monarchs of Britain
          St. Thomas Aquinas
          St. Francis of Assisi
          Francesco Petrarch
          St. Augustine
    Black Plague
          The Black Death: Bubonic Plague
          CDC plague homepage
          The Black Death
          PBS Secrets of the Dead
          Castle weaponry
          Medieval siege
          History Channel's life in the Middle Ages
Teacher Resources
  English & Creative Writing
          Rain by Shel Silverstein
          Eighteen Flavors by Shel Silverstein
          Fog by Carl Sandburg
          Personalized Stationery with winter motif
          Editing activity with Microsoft Word
          Formatting activity with Microsoft Word
          Biography of Santa
          Flow Chart for writing A+ Research Reports
          Notecard template for Microsoft Word
          Madlib Notecards Activity
  Math & Technology
    Computer Programming
          Peanut Butter Sandwich Program
          Robot Maze #1
          Robot Maze #2
          Robot Maze #3
          Robot Maze #4
          Robot Maze #5
          Robot Maze #6
          Robot Maze #7
          Robot Maze #8
          Robot Maze #9
          HTML commands reference card
          Website Investigator
          Internet Safety Tips Card
          Web Browser Scavenger Hunt
          Using the Internet for research
          Internet vocabulary activity
    Binary Translation
          Binary Translation Key
          Secret Message #1
          Secret Message #2
          Secret Message #3
          Secret Message Riddles
          Squares & Triangles
    Critical Thinking
          Logic Puzzles
          Printable Mazes
  Social Studies
    Field Trips
          New England
          San Diego
  Study Skills
    Time Management
          How long does it take you to?
          Online Stopwatch

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