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The Case of the Missing Fortune



My name is Olivia Sylvia Specklebright and this is my Great Uncle Sylvester's house...well, mansion. OK, to be exact, it's a haunted mansion. I know, I know you don't believe in ghosts, right? Well neither did I until I found out that I had to go through the mansion room by room looking for the clues.

Did I tell you about the clues? No? How about the fortune? Did I mention the forture? Guess not. Ok,maybe I better start from the beginning.

My Great Uncle Sylvester passed away a year ago last Tuesday. In his will he left his entire fortune (including this house) to his favorite niece and only living relative–me: Olivia Sylvia (named for–you guessed it–Uncle Sylvester) Angelina Specklebright.

I had great memories of my visits with Uncle Sylvester, but there was no reason for me to come back to the house...until I got the letters from Mr. Ashworthy, Uncle Sylvesterís attorney.

The first letter got straight to the point: Unless I came up with $500,000 by the end of the month, the house would be sold to pay back taxes and then torn down to make way for a mini-mall. Any fortune hidden in the house would be destroyed!

The second letter was from Uncle Sylvester to me. In it, he told me that he really did hide a treasure in the house and there was a clue in each room that would help me find it. Then, in the postscript, Uncle Sylvester had written these words: "You should know that the house is a little haunted..."

That's just GREAT!

But I don't have time to be scared. I'll just have to hope that the ghosts–if they really do exist–understand that I'm trying to help keep their home. Letís keep our fingers crossed, shall we. You ARE coming with me, aren't you? Where shall we start?

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