Things I Like   


This website is about all the things I like.  One of the things is the dancing cd. I know there's no such thing as a dancing cd but I just like the sound of it. Also I have a collection of cd's. I love cd's because I love to listen to them in my room because I love the sound of music.

   Wait I'm not done!

 I have to tell you why I like movies.  Movies are imporant to me--  I always take my portable dvd player with me when my mom and I go somewhere far. But the most important reason why I like to watch movies is because when I'm with my mom on a weekend we always go to the movie theatre. (IT'S  FUN!)

Well I hope you thought that my speech was nice.  Order your free cd collection today!
(just kidding)


    Dionna's top five movies.

1.Parent Trap

2.Coach Carter
4.The Cinderella Story

dancing cd 

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