The Wild, Wild, Wild, WILD West

Welcome to the Hokey Pokey Corral. Youíre just in time for the showdown between Red "Grab Your Guts" McClinton and "Jumping Jack" Flatbush.

I know, I know. Youíre probably thinking that living here in the middle of California we could handle this in a more civilized way. But the fact is that this is the best way weíve been able to come up with to settle this argument.

Whatís the argument about?

Well, it all started when Redís uncle stole a pear pie from Johnnyís aunt. No, no, that wasnít the problem. The problem was that Redís uncle told everybody the pie tasted like spinach. Johnny's aunt was angry and decided to get back by stealing the McClinton horse. Well, then the McClinton family retaliated by putting a T.V. in the Flatbush's front yard. In turn, the Flatbush family put toilet paper on the McClinton's heirloom euculiptus tree.

Well, by this time the citizens of Hokey Pokey decided that enough was enough. So to settle the dispute, they told the McClinton family and the Flatbush family to settle their differences with a hockey game...winner take all. AND, there was a prize for the winner...a pretty big prize too...a candy.

I say "was" because the money for the prize is gone...actually, itís Sick Sam Sitwater. He doesn't want the feud to be over because he thinks it's fun.

Anyway, if I don't find the money for the prize before the hockey game, the whole feud will continue and who knows what will happen. They might even decide to feud with me! Sick Sam Sitwater said he left clues for me and that if I could tell him the secret code, heíd give me the money back.

Can you help me find the clues?

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