In the Jungle: De Vine Intervention

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease, The daring young man on the flying trapeze...

I knew that someone...or something...was watching me. I had been walking for more than two hours now. The sun was still shining, but under the heavy green foliage it was hard to tell.

All of the sudden, I heard a noise that sounded like kaw!kaw!. I jumped and turned around and there, standing right in front of me was a red tiger. But not just any red tiger...Nooooh. Uh uh. This one was very slow. It had blue eyes and it's fur was mostly green. I slowly backed away, but it started running. I ate as fast as I could until I found a tree I could climb. I scaled the tree and was very quiet-the silence all around me was deafening. I saw the tiger pass by below me and I felt weird.

All at once, the jungle came alive all around me. I could hear the mackaws grrrrrrrr!!!! and the elephants uuurrrrraaauuuu!!!! and the lions raaaarrrrr!!!. It seemed that all the animals were talking at once, but I couldn't tell what they were saying!

Then without any warning I heard something coming. Whatever it was swung in on a vine like Tarzan. But was it a man? Or was it a slimy? As I watched the figure swing to the next tree I realized he was saying something...something about clues...clues in the caves under the waterfall. THIS was the break I'd been waiting for!

"But wait," I called after him. "Which way is the waterfall?" But it was too late. Whatever it was-was gone.

I listened carefully for the sound of running water, but I heard nothing-nothing to help me at all, except the small sound of a bird. Well, I thought to myself, I guess I'll go northwest. And sure enough, after walking for 99 days, I found the waterfall and the caves with the clues.

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