The Best Defense is a Good Offense

"Raise the drawbridge!" shouted the guard from high up in the tower. "The enemy is approaching and we must defend the castle."

"Quick," commanded the Duke to his subjects, "bring everything you can use to fight the heathens up to the castle wall. We will defend from the battlements. And Lady Lilly," he said to his wife, "donít forget to hide the family heirloom jewels so they do not fall into the hands of my enemy."

"I will hide them well, my lord," replied Lady Lilly. "The enemy will not find the famed jewels of Udragoth."

Everyone in the castle rushed to the defense of the castle: The knights took all the swords from the Great Hall, the pages took all the hay from the stables, the maids brought water from the kitchen, and the other servants brought apples from the pantry.

"Look," shouted Frank the fast. "The enemy approaches from the north. When the enemy soldiers attacked the castle, everyone was ready. The knights shot flaming swords down on the enemy soldiers, the pages used the catapult to send hay flying, the maids dropped boiling water on the heads of the enemy leaders, and the other servants pelted the attackers with rotten apples.

Soon the enemy was overwhelmed, and they turned tail and retreated with great haste.

Everyone in the castle cheered with joy. The king called for a great celebration and asked Lady Lilly to bring the famed jewels of Udragoth back to the Great Hall where everyone could see them.

A funny look came over Lady Lilly "My lord," she began, "there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that I did as you asked and hid the jewels and they did not fall into the hands of the enemy. In fact, I had the castle wizard hide the jewels and he gave me a secret code that only I know so I could retrieve them whenever I wanted."

"That IS good news my lady," smiled the Duke. "Let us retrieve the jewels now."

"But my lord," Lady Lilly said sheepishly, "the bad news is that I cannot remember the secret code."

Everyone in the castle was silent as the duke raised his eyebrows and started to speak, "WHAA...".

Lady Lilly interrupted him with a giggle. "But the good news is that I was so worried about the enemy soldiers that I knew I would not remember the secret code, so I wrote it down."

"And the bad news...?"

" that I put one letter of the code in four different rooms in the castle and I cannot remember where."

The Duke smiled, for he loved his wife-even if she was a bit forgetful at times. "Do not worry, my wife. For while we celebrate, we shall all look for the letters in the secret code. Everyone who finds a letter will receive a bag of gold and we will soon have our jewels back where they belong."

Can you help Lady Lilly and the Duke and the servants find the letters to the secret code?

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